PIU Basics
The Government of the Republic of Serbia passed the Decision on the establishment of a company „PIU Research and Development Ltd. Belgrade“ , as a single member limited liability company.

The company is established on temporary basis until the finalization of the Research and Development in the Public Sector Project.

It manages state-owned assets. Within the scope of its activities, the Company generates financial means from the revenue of its own activities, financial loans, donations and grant assistance and from the Budget of the Republic of Serbia, in accordance with the applicable laws.

PIU conducts its business affairs in line with regulations governing the position of business associations in the Republic of Serbia by providing consulting, managerial and monitoring activities in relation to Project management.

Its mission, PIU realizes through:
  • preparation, evaluation and call for tenders;
  • coordination of activities and provision of administrative services to Project Teams in relation to Project implementation;
  • managing the payment process;
  • architectural and technical activities and provision of technical consulting including construction supervision;
  • reporting to the relevant institutions on the execution of the Project;
  • establishment of cooperation with international organizations and competent authorities of other countries in cooperation with competent authorities of the Republic of Serbia.

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