Thursday, October 4th, 2012
Highly specialized equipment delivered to Faculty of Technology and Mettalurgy
A Hydrogel, Soft Materials And Tissue Testing System has been purchased, delivered, installed as part of the Project of purchase of highly specialized scientific equipment. In addition, training has been completed for the users.

The equipment has been delivered to the Faculty of Technology and Mettalurgy of the University of Belgrade and has been approved under the scientific project of integral and interdisciplinary research number III46010.

This new generation devise has the possibility to test with high precision various materials, including biological materijals, to the effects of small forces (0.005-50N). This type of testing has a variety of applications, including in pharmaceutical and food processing industries. The device measures changes to the dimensions of the sample, forces and films the entire process of rupture, compression or torsion. These new testing possibilities will help the research team in improving processing in food technologies, which is the goal of their project.

Measurements in this range of forces were not possible at the Faculty until now. This cycle of equipment purchase also includes the purchase of a testing device for higher forces which will provide the Faculty with the entire needed range of material testing.

The device is avaliable to the entire research community through the following link:
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